Maisemore Gardens Ltd Licence for the Use of The Communal Grounds

In addition to the Leases on the individual properties Maisemore Gardens Limited have issued a LICENCE to each member of the company covering the use of the Communal Grounds.

'The terms of this licence are as follows

1.   In consideration of .the covenants on the part of the Licensee, Maisemore Gardens Limited grants to the Licensee full liberty and licence for the Licensee with his family and guests to pass and repass over land to use for the purpose of recreation and in each case in accordance with the regulations hereinafter mentioned and in common with all other persons from time to time entitled to, the same or arty other rights such parts of the estate as the company may from time to time make available for the communal use and enjoyment of persons dwelling on the estate.

2.   The Licensee hereby covenants with the company as follows:

(1)  To observe, perform and comply with and to procure the Licensee's family and guests also to perform and comply with all or any of the regulations which Maisemore Gardens Limited may from time to time make and communicate to the Licensee concerning the use of the communal parts of the estate,

(2)  To indemnify the Company from all claims arising in respect of the exercise by the Licensee of the rights conferred.

(3)  To pay to the company (Maisemore Gardens Limited) a rateable proportion of the expenses incurred in maintaining in proper condition the communal parts of the estate.

(4)  The company (Maisemore Gardens Limited) may at any time by three months notice in writing to the Licensee determine this Licence either wholly or in part PROVIDED that the determination of this.

Licence shall not affect or discharge any liability incurred before such determination.


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