Guidance for Residents 

Residents should be familiar with the rights and conditions of living in Maisemore Gardens are contained in three separate documents links to which can be found in the Council of Management  section of the website  They are:  The Lease (with schedules);  The License for the use of communal grounds at Maisemore Gardens; and the By-laws of the Company.  The Lease and the Licence are legal documents which arose from the origin of the estate in the 1960s.

The following pages provide additional information for those living here:

New Residents Welcome Letter  contains information about the estate and the local area received by new members and residents

Estate Plan Shows the layout and features of the estate.

Maisemore Gardens Colour Schemes Guidance as to the acceptable colour schemes that apply to the garage doors of the Maisemore Gardens Estate properties.

MISCELLANEOUS REPORTS A selection of reports received by the Council of Management on a variety of issues concerning the estate.

Alterations to Properties Procedure and advice on making alterations.

THE BY-LAWS The By-laws are approved by the membership at the AGM and may be modified from time to time.  Their purpose is to clarify and expand on the Lease and Licence and to incorporate other related issues which embody the wishes of the community.

New Members Welcome Letter


Estate Plan



Alterations to Properties

The By-laws


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