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Maisemore Gardens Ltd - Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter


Maisemore Gardens Ltd
Council of Management 2020


Maisemore Gardens is a 1960’s development of 74 dwellings at the western edge of Emsworth, adjacent to a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

The aim of the developers was to nurture community living in a garden environment with as much open space as possible.


To ensure that Maisemore Gardens would be safe from future piecemeal development, the houses are leasehold (999 years originally) but significantly, all leaseholders have an equal share in ownership of the estate freehold embodied in Maisemore Gardens Ltd. Effectively this gives all members security of tenure and direct influence on the management of the Company.


Your solicitor should have guided you through the Lease and the By-laws and it is advisable that you have these documents available for reference. You will also have a Certificate of Membership of Maisemore Gardens Ltd, which confirms your voting rights of one vote per household.


The estate is managed by members who are elected Directors of the Company and make up The Council of Management (CoM). This administers the maintenance of the infrastructure, according to the wishes of members as expressed at the Annual General Meeting. The AGM also enables developments to be discussed and general and strategic decisions to be made. Funding is enabled by a levy paid annually by each property and set by members at the AGM.


Maisemore Gardens has matured in many ways. Some people have lived here from the beginning, some have moved within the estate, some have returned and others regret leaving. You may wish to join with interest groups such as gardening, sailing, reading and the visual arts, or even to promote an interest of your own. A ‘Friends of Maisemore Gardens’ group organises highly successful social events and an independent Neighbourhood Watch scheme monitors the security of the estate. There is a Facebook page with general information for residents and a notice board near the green.


Architecturally there is a quality of unanimity in the facade of each terrace which creates an impact greater than the number of individual houses. This, together with the generous open spaces like the central green make Maisemore a coherent visual statement which is unique in this area. To maintain this quality and work within the lease any proposed alteration to the buildings or the environment needs to be approved by the CoM. Before you do anything relating to your property, be it external or internal, you must consult the CoM via the Secretary with your idea in order to discuss the appropriate next stages of procedure, which will include the approval of your neighbours. Details of the process can be found on our website.



We hope that you will enjoy being a part of our community 


Frequently  asked questions-  everyday knowledge.


The  website.  We have established a website- www.maisemoregardens.co.uk which details information on the legal and social aspects of Maisemore Gardens Ltd and also holds information on the wider locality. To access the members section of the site the user name is MEMBER and the password is MGL. We encourage you to refer to the website for legal documents and latest news.  We also have an email system for keeping members updated on matters official and general. If you wish to be on the email notification list please inform the secretary of your email address.


Rubbish  -  Collection day by Havant Borough Council (HBC) is Thursday.

Wheelie-bins Recycle (green top) alternating weeks with General  Rubbish  (Black top). Put your bin out before 0800 at the kerbside.  Members should put their bins out of sight as soon as possible after collection.


Garden rubbish.  Bin collection is on Wednesday by arrangement and an extra  fee. Contact HBC.  A drive-in HBC tip at Broad Marsh open daily from 0900. Nowadays you will need to book on line.


Parking   Car parking can sometimes cause problems in our busy road and we ask members to be considerate of the neighbourhood. The terms of the lease prohibit the parking of trade vehicles and caravans on our drives. Whenever and wherever possible cars should be parked in members’ garages, or on their drives. Members owning larger vehicles are encouraged to use off site secure facilities.


Central Green.  Residents’ small children (under 11) are allowed to play on the green. Visiting children must have the permission of an adult resident.  Adults are encouraged to use the seats, walk about  or meet up the grass.

Children should be made aware that the approach drives and garage areas (between No’s 25 – 26 and behind No’, 70-74 ) are  NOT public play spaces.


Pets.  Members owning pets should take every reasonable precaution to ensure that their pets do not cause any nuisance to members. There are excellent walks on the foreshore and in the woods.


Visible additions.   Please ensure that aerials are not be fixed to the front elevation of a property or in any position so as to protrude above the skyline. Solar panels should not be visible from the far side of the road.


Footpaths. Most terraces have a footpath across the rear gardens, gated between properties. They are used infrequently, but please ensure that the right of way of your neighbour is not interrupted.


Shore Gate.. Each household should have a key to the shore gate which is alongside the dinghy park. Please remember to keep the gate closed at all times.


Dinghy Park.  Only dinghies, canoes and other small craft belonging to members are allowed and spaces are allocated by agreement as space is limited. Keys are only held by boat owners. (Contact Andy Maxted no, 14)

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Any queries, please do not hesitate to contact any current director.,

Martin Gebbett (51) – Chairman and Treasurer,

James Leeming (63) – Secretary           Suzy Daniels (8) - Assistant Treasurer,

Sarah Harrington (65) – Gardens             Barry King-Smith (30) Infrastructure

John Watt (42) Communications      Andy Maxted (14  Co-opted)  Dinghy Park