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Maisemore Gardens Colour Schemes

MGL Colour Schemes


This study report has been compiled to provide a guidance as to the acceptable colour schemes that apply to the garage doors of the Maisemore Gardens Estate properties. It refers to the terms of the lease which stipulate the adherence to a standard colour scheme, but does not specify the exact colours. This document aims to be more specific in identifying the standard colours.

The research employed the e-paint.co.uk web site as a source of international standard colours. From their database a selection of colours were chosen that were readily available in British Standard range (BS4800) and Dulux trade range. This web suite may be used to confirm a chosen colour in any International range to be tested against the MGL standard to ensure a satisfactory compliance.


YELLOW.       BS4800 10/E50 “grapefruit” or “forsythia”

                        Dulux 43YY69/543 “Banana Dream 3”

BLUE.             BS4800 20/E56 “blue”

                        Dulux  10BB12/310 “amazon beat 1”

GREEN.                      BS4800 14/E50 “green”

                        Dulux 90GY60/164 “crushed pine 4”

WHITE.                      BS4800 00/E55 “white”

                        Dulux 90YY  83/036 “cameo silk 3”

(Please note that the colours above are not a true representative of the subject colour)

January 2017

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